guys, SOOOO SORRY we’ve taken so long to post anything. We got locked out of our account,and we haven’t had any time to put up new posts our jobs and lives got crazy. But we promise we’ll get more up as soon as possible ;) We’re going to take pictures and videos this week and put them up. :] I know we always ask this but we do love suggestions. Feel Free ;]


porn-cube asked:

Thank you very much. Sorry we have been slacking so much, we have been busy but we will get back to it.


Happy Birthday To Me :]


Oh gosh I want Sir to hurry up and wake up so he can come play with me :(


Recently had to re-pierce my nipples. By the way sorry guys my Sir and I have been really slacking on new posts :[ Hopefully sometime this week we’ll get more things up!


thecsss-deactivated20120904 asked:
Hello We were wondering if you could submit a cute sexy socks photo to our new blog. We are just getting started and need your help. Of course we will give you credit and a link to your blog with the submission. We seriously love your blog and you are so pretty It would be our honor to have you on our site. Check the site for submission examples, Thanks The CSSS